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Water heater repair & installation

Is your water heater not working like it used to? Are you just ready for an upgrade? Gas, electric, conventional or tank-less, we service all types of water heaters. Give us a call about fixing or replacing an old water heater.

Standard repairs​ and replacements

Small repairs or replacements are done day in and day out by our techs. Anything from leaky toilets to new shut off valves or faucets not working properly, we can fix it all.

Leak detection

If your water bill is unusually high or you're seeing water around your house, you may have a water leak. We can locate and repair leaks on both fresh water or sewer water lines.

Sewer clearing

We can hydro-jet lines clean or use a specialized sewer machine to clear up any obstructions you may have. We also offer a camera scope that lets us, and you, know exactly what's causing the problem.

Slab leak repair or reroute

If we locate a fresh water leak to be in the slab foundation, we work with customers to fix it by either going through the slab or rerouting the line(s) overhead.


Need hydro-static testing? Gas testing? Video inspection? Pressure test? We specialize and offer our clients reassurance with quality results from numerous tests that we perform on a daily basis. 

Toilet repair and install

If you need to fix an existing toilet problem, replace with a new fixture, or install a completely new set up, any of our plumbers are more than qualified to handle this task. 


Don't see your issue listed here? Give us a call and talk to us, we work on all plumbing related things big or small.  

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